Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's Hard to be a Christian

It's so hard to be a Christian in a world that's full of sin.
So hard to fight the battles, on your own you cannot win.
It's not easy to be humble when all 'round you stand the vain.
And it's hard to be like Jesus when they eye you with disdain.

America was created on God and Biblical principles.
But now we're more concerned with rights of individuals.
No longer does the majority rule, we Christians have no say.
Satan is in charge of man, and, for now, he's having his way.

Pornography is rampant, and the internet infested
With every form of evil for which some should be arrested.
And free speech is for everyone, except for Jesus name.
It is, of course, acceptable to take His name in vain.

Violence, sex and profanity rule most shows on television.
The homosexual agenda is the leading cause of church division.
Over a million unborn a year are aborted in this land.
Thank God their murdered souls are safe, in the Master's hand.

Christians are no longer acceptable members of society.
We're demonized because we stand against immorality.
The liberal left is chipping away at our God-given rights.
Divided we are standing, and we cannot win the fight.

Our country's so far out of touch, will God ever forgive?
Or will there come a day when Christians lose their right to live?
If that day comes, then I am ready to rely upon His Word,
And I will gladly lay down my life for Jesus Christ, my Lord.

But we cannot give in to sin, we must keep our eye on the goal.
And spread the gospel throughout the world, and fight for every soul.
'Cause Christians know the end will come, Revelation shows us how;
When Jesus comes to claim His own, every knee will bow.

A few years back, I wrote that poem about being a Christian in today’s world. As I read through it a few minutes ago, I realized that in the six years since writing it, things haven’t gotten any easier for those of us that follow Christ. In fact, it’s gotten a lot more difficult to live the life that He has commanded us to live.

More and more are turning against what we stand for and against the God that we believe in. We seem to be shrinking in numbers in a time when we need to unite and take a stand against all the evil surrounding us. And the present administration in Washington is, for the first time in history, openly and actively working against us by promoting everything we oppose. What’s a Christian to do with so much opposition?

As the poem says, we cannot give in to sin, and we cannot take out eyes off the goal. We must do our human best to live a life that exemplifies and glorifies Christ. And we must continue to reach out to the lost, especially in these troubling times.

Take heart, fellow Christians. Don’t get discouraged, and don’t give up. Our rewards aren’t on earth. And we will be rewarded for every single thing we do for Christ and for the Kingdom of God. It is hard to be a Christian these days, but with Jesus in our hearts and the Bible as our guide, we can make it to the end.