Friday, April 18, 2014

The Darkest Friday

The darkest Friday in history
Documented over and over
An events that is solidly true
It cannot be logically denied
Yet many demean it
Many deny it
Many ignore it
To their own demise
But deep inside
We all know it happened
We all realize the truth
None of us can deny it
He died for us
All of us
Every soul living at the time
And everyone since
He took the sin of the world
Past, present, and future
On His strong shoulders
And up on the cross
As an atonement
For our transgressions
So that we may gain entrance
Into His Heaven
Without questioning
For eternity
He paved the way
For our salvation
Our eternal life
With Him
Because of what He did
On the darkest Friday
And all He asks from us
To make His sacrifice worthwhile
Is to believe in Him
Confess to Him
Repent to Him
Follow Him
Live for Him
And, if necessary
Die for Him
As He died for us
On the darkest Friday

© 2009 Earl Parsons

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Light

Hark, in the distance, a light I see
Lighting the dark around me
I fell to my knees
I could see

So long the darkness encircled me
Trapped and lost, I could not flee
Would I soon be free
Could that be

Fear that this light would go out on me
Closer it came; I could see
He’s coming for me
Glory be!

© 2014 Earl Parsons

A Messenger

She queried “Why?” with furrowed brow.
“Why did Jesus have to suffer and die?
He could have just told everyone His story.
I’d still believe Him,
‘Cause I know Jesus wouldn’t lie.”

“He could have performed more miracles.
Enough to convince everyone He was God.
Why did my Savior have to be crucified?
He was perfect,
How could anyone believe He was a fraud?”

The emotion of her question set me back.
I’d taught the reasons why time after time.
I knew it wasn’t easy for the mind to comprehend.
Murder is a sin,
To crucify an innocent man had to be a crime.

“It was all part of God’s perfect plan, you see.
For centuries the prophets predicted this event.
I know it was cruel, but it had to be done.
The blood of Jesus,
This was the fulfillment of God’s new covenant.”

“What the people did was wrong, very wrong.
But think about the outcome of it all.
Jesus is waiting for you beside His Father God,
He’s still alive,
And if you listen close, you can hear His call.”

Her expression changed; then suddenly she smiled.
“I know He’s alive, He lives inside my heart.
I also know why He had to die that way.
You’ve taught me well,
Jesus will be happy; you’ve done your part.”

Then, without warning, she gave me a hug.
How could I think she hadn’t understood?
After all, I’m just a messenger for Him.
The truth be known,
Only God could teach that good.

© 2014 Earl Parsons
(Modified for PAD challenge from a 2003 poem)