Monday, November 28, 2011

The Book

Loved and hated
Revered and reviled
Protected and destroyed
Preserved and burned
Believed and mocked
Translated and twisted
Used and abused
Read and ignored
Loved and hated

Never proven wrong
Survived through time
Still relevant
Still true
Still number one

The tests of time have
Only made it stronger
The truths within
Remain true
It is the most loved
Most hated
Most read
Most ignored
Book in existence

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day
By Earl Parsons

May your father and mother be glad; may she who gave you birth rejoice! Proverbs 23:26

“May she who gave you birth rejoice!” What more should we ask of our mothers than to rejoice because of us? That we should grow up in a manner that is not only pleasing to our mothers but also would make them rejoice, is a dream come true. I pray that my mother rejoices over me.
Our mothers do so much for us. They carry us for nine long months, care for us when we’re sick, wipe our bottoms and change our diapers. They teach us to talk and walk. They carry us on their hips, stay close to us day in and day out, and teach us the real meaning of love. Even when we fail them, they forgive and forget and get back to the assignment of raising us. Our mothers are the reason we are here. Thank God for our mothers.
On this Mother’s Day, we all need to remember the one who brought us into this world. If she has passed on, lay a flower on her grave. If she is still alive, send her something special. Even if you don’t get along with her, for whatever reason, do something to let her know that you’re still alive and that you appreciate the life she took time to grant you. Regardless of the situation you may be in, take time this Mother’s Day to do something for your mother.
But most of all, we should love our mothers and not be afraid to tell them. Make that the real point of this Mother’s Day; tell mom, “I love you.”

Prayer: Thank You, Dear Lord, for my mother.

A Mother’s Legacy
By Earl Parsons

Tasked by God, their destiny in life
To pass in pain the next generation
To bear, to care for the next in line
The role accepted by willing women

Nine long months with child within
Maternal bonds grow strong between
Mother and child share all but soul
Two together, still one yet unseen

Then comes the day, the miracle, birth
Life springs forth, and God smiles down
Another wonder of His great love
Another diamond in mankind’s crown

All made possible by women willing
Through pain and tears bore you and me
The sacrifice years long they gave
As has been throughout history

Since Eve, until the end of time
Mankind will be their cross to bear
To pass life down from now to next
A Mother’s legacy, each one so rare

For all who give life, God bless each one
For each sacrifice, He has a reward
For Mother dear, thank you for my life
And for your love, I thank the Lord

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eternal Invasion

By Earl Parsons

That voice
So small at first
It started way back
When I was quite young
When my thoughts became real
And I started thinking for myself

That voice
Gentle and calm
Proclaiming the truth
Beckoning me to respond
Peaceful, soothing and loving
So real, I knew it wasn’t a dream

That voice
From deep inside
Calling to my heart
“Put out the welcome mat
And open up your heart’s door
That I may abide with you forever.”

That voice
So full of love
Not forceful at all
Convincing, none the less
Letting me make the choice
Because it’s my decision to make

My choice
Says the voice
I control the key
I’ll make up my mind
My eternity is in my hands
I can decide now or down the road

My choice
Eternity at stake
The voice accentuates
With a gentle, loving tone
Pleading for my soul’s response
Waiting peacefully outside my heart

My choice
And mine alone
Foolish not to choose
To follow his beckoning
Insane not to open the door
Idiotic to reject this eternal invasion

My choice
Open the door
Let him clean house
And put him in charge
Give him the keys to my life
Let Him be my Lord and Savior

That voice
My choice