Friday, August 30, 2013


Eternity awaits for all who seek
Eternity on high forevermore
Oh, how we’d change our minds if we could peek
Just one quick glimpse inside through Heaven’s door

Just close your eyes
Ask God so wise
Then visualize

He will give you the glimpse that you seek
Unfathomable, mindboggling perfection
All you’ll ever need to make you believe
Eternity awaits for all who seek

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I Wish We’d All Been Ready

An evening quite some time ago
A concert in New Brunswick
Woodstock, if I’m not mistaken
On a cold Canadian night
The music played
And the crowd praised the Lord
Me included
Although not sure I belonged there
Until the end
When the invitation began

“The King is Coming’ started
And the pressure mounted
My hands began to sweat
Then my brow
And down my neck
My heart rate increased
As they made their case
For heaven or hell
If only I could make it through
This song, I could go home
But then,
It went on
Verse after verse
Word after word
Eating at my lost soul
Calling me to repent
And give in
To a Savior
That I needed to know
But didn’t
Or wouldn’t

Then it ended
The song, that is
And several people bumped their way by me
On their way to the front
Answering the call
The call I was fighting
Could I go home now?

Then the voice over the loudspeaker said
“Now is your time….your time to answer His call”
Then another song started
More powerful than the last
A song that hit me hard
A song that broke me down
A song that started my feet moving
Toward the front
To accept Him
Once and for all

“A man and wife alone in bed
She hears a noise
And turns her head
He’s gone
I wish we’d all been ready.”

“I wish we’d all been ready”
A sad song of truth
About those left behind
When the eye twinkles
And He returns for His own
To take us forever
With Him
On high
That’s where I’ll be
Because thanks to that night
And that song
I am ready

Monday, June 24, 2013

My Life

I present to the Lord my life
After all, He gave it to me
Of course, I have freedom of choice
I could do with it what I wish

But to keep it would be wrong, so
I present to the Lord my life
I submit to His perfect will
And I trust Him to get me through

For so long I went the wrong way
Years of lost darkness now must end
I present to the Lord my life
The Prodigal Son has returned

To the safety of loving arms
Communion with the Only One
Never more to roam in darkness
I present to the Lord my life

Friday, June 7, 2013

His Love

His love will never fail
Though we fail Him each day
We fail to walk His way
We fail and fail and fail
His love for us prevails
He’ll take our sins away

He loves with love supreme
There is no greater love
A love from God above
A love above extreme
Too much love it would seem
Can there be too much love

He is the only One
God’s love comes through His Son

© 2013 Earl Parsons

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Warning From God

When our lives are so full of everyday worries
And we can't slow down 'cause the world's in a hurry,
We're so afraid we'll get trampled by the speeding crowd
And we haven't the courage to quit, 'cause we're proud,
We wonder when this madness will end.

When we deal with our mate and the kids aren't the best,
And it looks more and more like we're flunking life's test.
When we feel like our efforts are all wasted in vain,
Is there no one who cares or will share in our pain?
All we need is a word from a friend.

As we get older and our health starts to fade,
Neglected because of all the sacrifices we've made.
Giving so much to others that we've forgotten ourselves,
We dare set and wonder if we've done our part well.
Or do we wish we could do it again?.

Then there comes a time when it piles on so thick
That our systems shut down, and we think we've been licked.
But it's just a little warning from the Good Lord above,
Telling us to slow down and reconnect with His love.
We should listen, or it could be our end.

No matter how God chooses to communicate,
We'd better realize it's Him, or it may be too late.
He may pinch our heart, or take away someone dear.
Or he may put us out of circulation for a year.
These are warnings from your best friend.

So, don't blame life's troubles on the Lord.
He's just trying to get you back in His Word.
All He wants is for you to bring yourself back to Him.
He will hear your cry for help and forgive your sin.
And you'll be back where you belong, again.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blinding Darkness

A smile so bright
On a cheerful face
He drew them in by the thousands
He held up the Book
Shouting the message
Of mercy and salvation
He sang and prayed
Wept for their souls
Then a passionate invitation
The people came
For the grace of God
And a free pass into Heaven

But after the tent was empty
And all the people had gone home
The bright smile turned to smugness
The cheerful face turned to stone
As the preacher retreated into himself
And the darkness of an empty soul
The thrill of it all filled his ego
It was nothing more than a good show

Now another night to fight the voice
The voice that calls for repentance
But Satan fights on the other side
With pictures of long past remembrance

For in this man’s past there was love loss
A wife and three children lay slain
At the hands of a old friend gone madman
Still he blamed God for all of this pain

His only escape from pure madness
Is when he lets loose in the tent
He does God’s work for an hour a night
Spends the rest of his time in torment

When will he realize
The message he preaches
Is the only escape from
The blinding darkness