Friday, October 10, 2008

Yes, Jesus Loves You

Drowning in convictions, he waits patiently

For his time in the spotlight; his Bible at his side

The music is erupting; thousands on their feet

Lifting praises to Jesus, their souls open wide

All but preparation for the Word yet to come

The music, the lights; they soften every heart

Soon, they all are willing to hear the Lord speak

Through His servant’s lips will come spiritual sparks

The words of the music sooth his nervousness

The love of the Father sewn throughout each line

In silent prayer he waits, his moment at hand

The music fades, he prays, “Your will, not mine.”

He comes into the spotlight; all eyes are now on him

All ears are awaiting his message of truth

Then God takes control; the message is clear

He wants them to know simply, Jesus loves you

“Yes, Jesus loves you!” he boldly confesses

“He loves you, and you, and He even loves me.

His love goes beyond anything you can imagine.

His love didn’t end on the cross at Calvary.”

“Yes, Jesus loves you!” again he repeats

“I know this to be true, yes, indeed I do.

And His love will go on forever and forever

He’s got more than enough love for all of you.”

“Yes, Jesus loves you! Will you love Him back?

Will you give your life to Him without reservation?

He’s waiting for your answer, don’t waver too long.

He’s coming back soon; no time for hesitation.”

Then His servant grows silent, a hush fills the church

Then His Spirit takes hold and hearts start to break

As prayers rise, the tears fall, and Jesus is praised

As more realize that it’s their eternity at stake

Revival takes place through one broken soul at a time

As the cries for salvation come from pew after pew

And the angels in Heaven rejoice with each tear

For ‘tis here they now know, “Yes, Jesus loves you!”

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LKHarris-Kolp said...

Wow- that is so uplifting. What a great way to start my day. Thanks for sharing your beliefs and spirituality with us- it truly shines through your writing and poetry.