Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2 Chronicles 7:14

which indicates a choice

My people,
those who are chosen by God

who are called
but so often are not listening

by My name,
and no other name

again, there is a choice

humble themselves
realize they are in need of His help

and pray
which they should have been doing all along

and seek My face
actually look for God with open eyes and hearts

and turn from
not a 360 or 270 or 90, but a 180

not anyone else’s

wicked ways,
which are any ways not approved by God

not later, not before, but right then

will I hear
because, unlike us, God is always listening

from heaven
because that is where He listens from

and will
God’s promise

forgive their sins
hallelujah, praise His name

and will
another promise

heal their land
because we, as His people, need our land healed

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