Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eternal Invasion

By Earl Parsons

That voice
So small at first
It started way back
When I was quite young
When my thoughts became real
And I started thinking for myself

That voice
Gentle and calm
Proclaiming the truth
Beckoning me to respond
Peaceful, soothing and loving
So real, I knew it wasn’t a dream

That voice
From deep inside
Calling to my heart
“Put out the welcome mat
And open up your heart’s door
That I may abide with you forever.”

That voice
So full of love
Not forceful at all
Convincing, none the less
Letting me make the choice
Because it’s my decision to make

My choice
Says the voice
I control the key
I’ll make up my mind
My eternity is in my hands
I can decide now or down the road

My choice
Eternity at stake
The voice accentuates
With a gentle, loving tone
Pleading for my soul’s response
Waiting peacefully outside my heart

My choice
And mine alone
Foolish not to choose
To follow his beckoning
Insane not to open the door
Idiotic to reject this eternal invasion

My choice
Open the door
Let him clean house
And put him in charge
Give him the keys to my life
Let Him be my Lord and Savior

That voice
My choice

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