Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Warning From God

When our lives are so full of everyday worries
And we can't slow down 'cause the world's in a hurry,
We're so afraid we'll get trampled by the speeding crowd
And we haven't the courage to quit, 'cause we're proud,
We wonder when this madness will end.

When we deal with our mate and the kids aren't the best,
And it looks more and more like we're flunking life's test.
When we feel like our efforts are all wasted in vain,
Is there no one who cares or will share in our pain?
All we need is a word from a friend.

As we get older and our health starts to fade,
Neglected because of all the sacrifices we've made.
Giving so much to others that we've forgotten ourselves,
We dare set and wonder if we've done our part well.
Or do we wish we could do it again?.

Then there comes a time when it piles on so thick
That our systems shut down, and we think we've been licked.
But it's just a little warning from the Good Lord above,
Telling us to slow down and reconnect with His love.
We should listen, or it could be our end.

No matter how God chooses to communicate,
We'd better realize it's Him, or it may be too late.
He may pinch our heart, or take away someone dear.
Or he may put us out of circulation for a year.
These are warnings from your best friend.

So, don't blame life's troubles on the Lord.
He's just trying to get you back in His Word.
All He wants is for you to bring yourself back to Him.
He will hear your cry for help and forgive your sin.
And you'll be back where you belong, again.

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