Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blinding Darkness

A smile so bright
On a cheerful face
He drew them in by the thousands
He held up the Book
Shouting the message
Of mercy and salvation
He sang and prayed
Wept for their souls
Then a passionate invitation
The people came
For the grace of God
And a free pass into Heaven

But after the tent was empty
And all the people had gone home
The bright smile turned to smugness
The cheerful face turned to stone
As the preacher retreated into himself
And the darkness of an empty soul
The thrill of it all filled his ego
It was nothing more than a good show

Now another night to fight the voice
The voice that calls for repentance
But Satan fights on the other side
With pictures of long past remembrance

For in this man’s past there was love loss
A wife and three children lay slain
At the hands of a old friend gone madman
Still he blamed God for all of this pain

His only escape from pure madness
Is when he lets loose in the tent
He does God’s work for an hour a night
Spends the rest of his time in torment

When will he realize
The message he preaches
Is the only escape from
The blinding darkness

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